La perla del mediterraneo

The pearl of the mediterranean


Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean, offers us a variety of priceless raw materials. Already from the times of ancient Greece, a very specific style of culinary habits had been developing in Sicily which over the centuries has been enriched with new flavors and new dishes, following the historical vicissitudes of the Mediterranean island. It is therefore a food and wine culture that has its roots many years ago and which is still admired today from all over the globe.

In general, we can say that Sicilian cuisine is a source of pride and common identity for Sicilians and, in the modern era, a reason for tourist attraction. With the effect of emigration not only abroad, this cuisine has been exported to many places, far from the homeland.

Thanks to the climate, the island is rich in spices and aromatic plants; oregano, mint, rosemary, are daily part of the Sicilian condiments. the organoleptic properties of the land allow to produce oranges and lemons in large quantities. Almonds, prickly pear, pistachio and olives are its other culinary symbols in which it excels.

Although overall the food character of this cuisine is unified, one of its characteristics is to have culinary dishes for each territory that reflect the identity of that particular area, so focusing on 'culinary tourism' can be a truly unique experience. . In most cases these are variants of the same regional recipe, but in some cases these foods, such as the Palermo panelle or the 'muccunetti' of Mazara del Vallo, are prepared and marketed only in their area of ​​origin. This food characteristic has often led to a culinary division between "western Sicily", "central Sicily" and "eastern Sicily".


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