Cioccolato di Modica IGP

Modica chocolate IGP

Modica PGI chocolate, the result of a particular cold processing of the cocoa mass, is a product recognized on a global scale. The conferment of the IGP mark by the European Union has greatly contributed.

But if today we find it on the shelves of supermarkets it is thanks to the producers of Modica. They have protected their product, unique of its kind, so that it is recognized in the European market and beyond. But let's analyze the various steps that led to the prestigious award.

History of Modica chocolate

the growth process of this refined product starts in 2003, when a group of local producers created the consortium for the protection of chocolate.

Since that moment, the companies that produce modica chocolate have grown exponentially, so in 2017 the application was submitted to the ministry to obtain the recognition of the IGP mark. The specification passes to the examination of the European Union, on 7 August 2018 it is approved and the registration procedure of the "Cioccolato di Modica IGP" officially begins.

However, at the end of 2018, many operators in the sector had several doubts about the effective protection of this product. Starting with the optional raw materials, that is the spices, which in the disciplinary are first listed one by one with specific dosages (cinnamon, vanilla, chilli, nutmeg, citrus fruits, fennel, jasmine, ginger, dried fruit, salt). The doubt is at the end where the possibility of using any other natural spice and flavor is granted.

Secondly, the controls that the consortium will have to enforce to ensure that the IGP product follows the specification, controls that had not been planned.

Finally, the last concern (but not in order of importance, on the contrary) derives from the origin of cocoa in fact: "in the specification no mention is made, in fact allowing producers to obtain supplies as they wish, also working from mass of industrial cocoa, poor quality, without any control of the supply chain "

UTZ cocoa

I would like to make a parenthesis with regard to cocoa. Since we in the company use it in large quantities, we know how harmful it can be, from a social and environmental point of view, to procure cocoa of dubious origin.

In fact, we opt for a "green" line in the acquisition of raw materials, in the case of cocoa we only buy UTZ certified cocoa. The UTZ protocol is a worldwide certification program aimed at producers of Tea, Sustainable Coffee and Sustainable COCOA. The purpose of which is to ensure that primary production is implemented correctly and without inconvenience for workers and local populations.

The digital passport for the IGP

Returning to the discourse on the protection of producers, an important novelty starting from October 2019 which confers the "digital passport". In fact, each 100-gram bar of Modica IGP chocolate will carry a stamp of the Poligrafico and Mint di Stato on the package. A stamp with watermarked paper, as is the case with banknotes, to ensure traceability and to combat counterfeiting, writes the Gazzetta del Sud.

So this means that the chocolate must be produced in Modica, so we have started a partnership with a local producer to add this very special chocolate to our products. We could have chosen any chocolate, but this is a testament to the fact that we always aim for the highest quality for our customers with products that come from our land, to better promote Sicily.


Chocolate comes in three highly sought after flavors:




Raw materials such as pistachio and citrus fruits from our land, combined with the refined processing deriving from a peculiar cold processing of bitter cocoa paste (with cane sugar), gives this products a unique taste of its kind!