Il Croccante di mandorle e pistacchio

Crunchy almond and pistachio

The Crunchy almond and pistachio has its roots in the Sicilian culinary tradition with some typically Arab influence. The main ingredients for the preparation of the Crunchy are: almonds, pistachio, sugar and honey.

Traditionally it can be said that in Sicily it is not Christmas without the "cubaita", so called in Sicilian dialect the typical crunchy bar. Based on dried fruit, in fact, it never fails on local Christmas tables, especially those of the eastern area of ​​Sicily.

Its origins are very ancient. In fact, they date back to the era of the Saracen domination to whom we owe the name of the specialty: in Arabic “qubbiat” means “almond”. And it is the almonds and pistachios, together with honey, that are the protagonists of this dessert which boasts different variations throughout the region.

The Sicilian crunchy is so deeply rooted in local culture and tradition that, over time, it has also been cited by great Italian writers such as Sciacca and Camileri who have mainly emphasized the goodness of its flavor, especially in its original version based on of almonds and pistachios.

Today we produce it with a recipe anchored to traditions but revisited to make the crunchy almond a snack that can be eaten at any time. We have replaced the 'sliced' almonds with 'sliced' almonds, in order to maintain the 'crunchiness' typical of this product but at the same time make it lighter, to meet the needs of consumers.

A step that we consider fundamental in our company, is that of the search for raw materials, strictly at km 0, that is, of Sicilian origin. Starting with the almonds and ending with the Bronte pistachio. In fact, the careful search for local suppliers represents a distinctive feature to ensure that our products reflect the typical Sicilian tradition in the best possible way.


The phases of the production process of the almond brittle are simple but complex at the same time.

The crucial phase is represented by the packaging, each single piece of almond crunch is individually wrapped to keep the quality and organoleptic properties intact throughout the shelf life. In the production plant we have a state-of-the-art packaging machine that allows us to pack 5300 pieces per hour.

Furthermore, every single biscuit passes through the Metal detector, which allows through the management and digital processing of the signal, from the DSP processing filters to the high immunity to environmental interference. Essential conditions to ensure effective control, respond positively to HACCP standards in terms of quality.

The product is immune from any external agent that could compromise its life cycle. Finally, to complete the whole, 8 pieces of brittle are placed inside the box. It presents an attractive but simple packaging at the same time, to ensure that the customer recognizes the quality of the product and the attention to detail, which we sought so sparingly.

The almond crunch comes in three flavors:

- Classic with almonds

- Almonds and pistachio (strictly of Sicilian origin)

-Almonds and chocolate with UTZ certified cocoa, certification that means that the entire chain must be able to demonstrate that the supply chain is sustainable in all its aspects. The UTZ is combined with other BRC, IFS, ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 audit activities.